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The damage in BCS from the storm on 5/27/2020 is EXTREMELY INTENSE in areas. The damage in the north in Bryan is the worst then it begins to taper going south toward College Station.

The beauty of the paintless dent repair process is that it can save major body panels like hoods, roofs and trunk lids on sedans from replacement. The damage in this storm in the more intense areas will very well likely exceed the capability and economic sense of PDR repair.

Why does this matter? It matters because when replacement of panels is required it requires paint and paint requires the local body shops to paint those panels. Those local body shops will be bogged down with hail jobs coming into their shops plus their regular collision jobs AND all the local PDR companies (including us) which creates a situation we call bottle necking.

It is NOW more important than ever to have a professional help you navigate through this process. THIS is not your normal hail storm. With this said, our VIP fast pass program which appears on our website will NOT APPLY to this storm for now. No matter who you choose for your repair please be patient and BE WARY OF SHOPS promising unrealistic turnaround times.

Normally I always tell everyone 7-10 business days in normal hail storms. THIS IS NOT THAT STORM, and we are honest enough to tell you.

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