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Ask us about our VIP fast pass. We'll have your vehicle in and out in 4 days or less!

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Not sure about what to do or where to take your hail damaged automobile? STOP RIGHT THERE. Let us do that for you FOR FREE. We take the work, stress and anxiety out of choosing the right automobile hail damage shop for your repair. We work for you to carefully select the PDR shops that work for us. All our shops are pre-approved, pre-reviewed, pre-screened, tried and tested. We get you into the RIGHT shop, at the right time, EVERY time. If you are in need of auto hail damage repair we'll guide you through the process like we have so many others... just take one look at our reviews which speak for themselves and you'll see that we deliver. GUARANTEED.

With all the other things going on in life, do you really REALLY have time to evaluate the multitude of shops available? The honest answer to that is NO. With a 100% 5★ review track record, accumulated over many years and across hundreds of customers, and a small handful of shops, using a professional advisor just makes common sense. You get all of our behind the scenes insight into the industry.

We know everything about the process, we eat sleep and breath hail repair, we know what is going on at each of our shops and with each of your technicians, which ensures your 5★ experience. Most "sales guys" don't even know who their techs are, much less know their names. See why our process has netted us a 100% 5★ rating for the last 10 years straight! Talk about your track record!

Things like storm size, damage intensity, location, and shop work load are all factors in choosing the right shop for your hail damage repair needs. Shops have their strengths and weaknesses and they evolve depending on these variables. Knowing them is our business, your Hail Advisor team. The result is, well..... just read our reviews, they pretty much speak for themselves. Bryan, College Station Texas

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