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The Multi Shop Advantage™

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The Multi Shop Advantage™ come see what we do better than any one single shop can do on their own! Our shop flow logistics management simply cannot be beat. This is what The Multi Shop Advantage™ can do for you and your vehicle when it requires PDR to fix its hail damage. At Hail Advisor we are your "super hailman" as our client Judy Ann calls it. We get you in the right shop, at the right time, every time! And the results are self evident..... just look at our reviews.

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Number 1

It's 100% FREE

Not only does the repair on your vehicle not cost you any money, neither do the services for a professional consultant. We are commissioned by the shops that do your repair. So it costs you the same whether you use a concierge or not, ZERO, NADDA, but the results are evident when you read our reviews. Our job as a consultant is to assure your experience goes quickly and smoothly.

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Number 2

We help you protect your investment. Let's do the math...

Hail repair restores the value of your vehicle! People are constantly in denial about the diminished value of their vehicles following a hail storm. Like a thief in the night, thousands of dollars of your car's value are diminished almost instantly, but owners try to justify not replacing that value for many reasons. At the end of the day, either you or your insurance company are going to absorb that loss.


1) "it's not that bad". Unless you have been an insurance adjuster I can assure you, your evaluation of your hail damage is WRONG.


2) "I'll wait until hail season is over." Then your insurance can charge you TWO deductibles if you are hit by a 2nd storm, and or total out your vehicle when the damage from TWO storms exceeds the damage to value threshold. Either way you LOSE.

3) I'll take my chances, I'll get it fixed later. In this thinking YOU are in control, or so you think. Then WHAM! someone plows into you and their insurance is liable to make you whole, except you've let them off the hook for the $5000 of hail damage you didn't get repaired on your vehicle. I just spoke with a woman this last storm and her friend had hail damage on her car, then someone rear ended her. The two events totaled out her 2014 vehicle and now she's in this exact situation. If you think I'm joking you should look up the rise in accidents due to driving and texting. I'm just saying...

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Number 3


We've used Facebook reviews for years and now Google reviews too. For every 5★ you read and we have over 60...... We've had hundreds of customers who get that same 5★ service.

Be leery of a lack of reviews. We've seen shops with their reviews completely turned off, or shops that have been around a while with only 1 or 2 reviews (suggesting they had to close their FB page and start over)

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Number 4

Bigger isn't always better

Many times smaller shops are actually better. In large storms, big shops bog down with too many cars creating a traffic jam, then corners start getting cut to keep production up. Delivery times low(er) and work quality suffers. The reality is wait times increase, while craftsmanship decreases. A shop owner told me they had $200,000 in rental car overages this past year from cars being in their shop OVER their 30 days of rental car coverage. Meanwhile our average return ratio remained 7-10 business days. This is a perfect example of where monitoring workload and using smaller more focused shops yield better results.

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Number 5

No traffic jams

Once a vehicle is put into a shop your insurance has to come out and do a final inspection at that shop even if your vehicle was looked at at your home, business or at a catastrophic center. Most people don't know that, and it's nothing specific to any shop it is just the way insurance works. So cars get worked on in the order that they are approved during their final inspection by your insurance adjuster. If your advisor isn't on top of what their shops workload is and the approval status of your vehicle, you could be in for a huge traffic jam.

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Number 6

I promise I will never Hertz you again

After endless billing errors and collection letters sent to our clients we stopped using a shop that used them as their rental car provider. Upon reading reviews at various other shops, we see some of the same familiar comments about what a nightmare Hertz can be.

Look at the photo album on our Facebook page named "I will never Hertz you again", there are screenshots of billing errors, overages, bank overdrafts and even collection letters from Hertz. A gentleman who works for the Dallas Mavericks, getting them to and from their games can no longer rent a Hertz rental car anymore and it was Hertz's error to start with.

Under no circumstances would I ever give Hertz a debit or credit card number on a rental car, even if a shop is paying for the rental itself. Once they go haywire, it's difficult if not impossible even for the shop to help you then.

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Number 7


Be careful on this one. Before you put a ton of credit into BBB accreditation you might want to read this article first. Do we work with accredited shops? Sure. But we've often wondered exactly what this article talks about. We've known shops that have issues that we were shocked no one ever said anything about on the BBB. The shop above that used Hertz wanted to dump those billing issues on the customer and they are an A+ accredited BBB business to this day. They just now years later got a 1 star review on Facebook for this very thing. Therefore we put more credit into the "not for pay" review mediums out there like Facebook and Google. Even Yelp "filters" their reviews, it says so right there in the reviews. We read some Yelp reviews on a company the other day and not until we unfiltered them did we see what we expected to see. That's why we like Facebook and Google, they are raw, you see the good, the bad and the ugly without all the review hocus pocus and monkey business.

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Number 8

To replace or not to replace... this is the question.

We hear this a lot. "They (the insurance) wrote to replace the hood". Here are some instances when that's a not so good idea.


1) If your original hood is repairable by the PDR method. DO IT. I've never seen a PDRd hood that came out badly.

2) You just assume that when your insurance said "new" hood, that they meant a new factory hood. This is rarely the case, they often write it for aftermarket and some shops will use the cheapest hood they can get to make MORE profit. After all you like not having to pay your deductible, right?

3) It can actually be cheaper to buy an aftermarket hood, and have it painted than to pay a skilled PDR technician to repair the OEM hood. Cheaper is rarely better.

4) When paint gets involved there are so many other variables that now come into play. Color matching, blending, finish quality, etc. We've seen every scenario and I can tell you when it can be PDRd it is the superior way to go. With that said there is some damage where the damage so far exceeds what PDR can do that there is no other choice. Knowing when you can and can't PDR to provide the best possible outcome is the question, and we have the answer.

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Number 9

Even work load distribution

In the midst of crazy waiting lists and unusually long turn around times, how is it that our client's cars are returned in 7-10 business days? The answer is simple really. Monitor shop work load and distribute jobs accordingly. It's no different than changing gears in your car to determine how fast you need to go or having several alternate routes to get to the same destination to adjust for traffic. Think outside the box, it's worth the wait, or in this case, the

lack thereof....

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Number 10

Truly Independent Consulting

Shops and storms come in all shapes and sizes. There is never a one size fits all solution. If your service consultant only works for one shop, then that's all they have to offer you, so that is the shop they're going to tell you is the best whether it is or isn't.

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